Crushing Waves

If not for the shoreline, i can easily get lost collecting sea glass!  I just love it!  I use my collection to fill antique bottles, compliment art projects and paintings and create jewelry.  The pieces, always fascinatingly unique with amazing potential, arouse an excitement in me each time I make a new discovery.

As I stand on the beach, watching the water pound against the rocks, I contemplate the powerful and destructive force that crushes these fragile glass bottles.  Unable to withstand the plunder of the waves, once intact containers collapse and shatter against the weight of the sea. Yet their beauty is not lost.  Taken to the ocean, these jagged, sharp fragments are worn, smoothed and polished into new vessels of creation.

Much like you and me…

They saw the works of the Lord, his wonderful deeds in the deep.  For he spoke and stirred up a tempest that lifted high the waves.  Psalm 107:24-25

In my life, sea glass symbolizes my journey.  At times, I feel fragmented, challenged, even crushed, but i am merely in a temporary state of transition.  After being knocked about a bit in the turbulence, I am amazed by the clarity of a new perspective, grateful for the experiences that build wisdom and ultimately defined in a remarkable way through my circumstances.


About Bound in Grace

a native texan, with a career in art and communication. enjoy writing and painting in primary medium acrylic on canvas. focus on life issues and depicting life with grace and hope.
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1 Response to Crushing Waves

  1. David says:

    the soothing sound of the surf smooths away my rough edges…

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