Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters, a pathway no one knew was there.  Psalm 77:19

The trails behind me direct my path as deliberately as the trails laid out before me.  As with life, sometimes I focus on where I am bound and other times from where I have arrived.  There exists too those breathtaking moments of being still, happily examining exactly where I am.

Rowing on the water I acknowledge that being in the rear facing position blinds me from forward navigation.  Yet I can clearly assess the path from which I come.  Casting my eyes upon the wake, I observe my passage way churning and disappearing into the sea.  Turning around to view my destination point is done with careful consideration as not to tip my boat.  On the contrary, as a cyclist, I am constantly choosing my road facing a forward position.  I am making choices on pathways I can clearly see laid out in front of me.  Glancing back on my bike is something I cautiously do. Having the opportunity to change directions and try new paths is both refreshing and challenging.

I find both directions, looking back and looking forward, are critical, just as in life, both providing necessary perspective. Yet to travel in any direction, I require reference points.  Some of these markers come from observing the wakes of my life. Other times, these indicators are derived from the direction I seek to go. Either way, I discover it is vital to obtain and study these various markers.  I must trust these reference points, for they are my own experiences of failure and success, encounters, accomplishments, goals, dreams, and desires.  Creating this perspective offers new passage ways of awareness, humility and gratefulness as well as challenging me to develop, discern and create new opportunities.

Still, there is even more to life than these attributes.  There is a spiritual passage.  This divine component offers complex revelation into my life in a practical way.  Biblical principles and guideposts expand and define my visible trails with intuitive non-visible markers.  It is finally here I discover depth and reason beyond my human capacity.

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you.”  Psalm 32:8


About Bound in Grace

a native texan, with a career in art and communication. enjoy writing and painting in primary medium acrylic on canvas. focus on life issues and depicting life with grace and hope.
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1 Response to Passages

  1. David Yates says:

    Our spirits will never truly rest until we have peace…everyday is a new path…
    The origianl artwork is brilliant and full of color

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