The perfect crumbles and the ruins are reinvented.

One of the most fascinating toys of my childhood, the kaleidoscope, was created with a simplistic cylinder design.  Its contents consisting of assorted materials of color, size and shape, with a view finder on one end and a twistable tube on the other.  What impressed me most was the significance the slightest turn created.  Facing light, magnificent changes occurred through the view finder.  With a simple twist, I could gaze upon remarkable configurations as the light danced among the materials inside.  Yet with a mere jiggle, the encapsulated pieces of artistic design would desolve into a seemingly worthless heap.  Over and again, I was captivated just how quickly new images could emerge and then disappear from view.

My life is consumed with constant motion, exploration and change.  Both the random and the intentional find purpose.  Circumstances and situations develop and are locked into my sights.  At times, things appear permanent but are actually as fleeting as the images in my kaleidoscope.  I can find myself perched on the culmination of something grand or seated on the sidelines of collapse.  At moments, with careful arrangement and intricate consideration, I achieve a masterpiece.  Other times, random encounters and the seemingly discarded come together as treasure.

However thrilling, this principle can still be challenging. Sometimes, just as I catch a glimpse of my desired vision, a shift occurs, bringing with it tumbling change.  I gaze upon its destruction with disappointment and discouragement.  But ironically, it is not about what I am actually looking at – its about what I choose to see. Here, I maneuver again through my life, realizing the glory of discovering another gem in the ruins is only a slight twist away.


About Bound in Grace

a native texan, with a career in art and communication. enjoy writing and painting in primary medium acrylic on canvas. focus on life issues and depicting life with grace and hope.
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1 Response to kaleidoscope

  1. David says:

    sometimes life gives us broken pieces – that’s when it’s a challenge to change the prism and make something beautiful out of it

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